Medical Transcriptionist

Gurugram, Haryana
Work Type: Full Time

1. Reviewing the medical reports stored in the internal database from Physicians and another healthcare  professional at the QMC.

2. Distinguish between homonyms, and recognize inconsistencies and mistakes in medical terms, referring  to dictionaries, drug references, and other sources on anatomy, physiology, and medicine. 3. Perform data entry and data retrieval services, providing data for inclusion in medical records and for  transmission to physicians.

4. Produce medical reports, correspondence, records, patient-care information, statistics, medical research,  and administrative material.

5. Transcribe and interpret the reports into diagnostic test results, operative reports, referral letters, and  other documents

6. Review and edit drafts making sure that the transcription is correct, complete, and has a consistent style 7. Translate medical jargon and abbreviations into their expanded forms to ensure the accuracy of patient  and health care facility records.

8. Identify inconsistencies, errors, and missing information within a report that could compromise patient  care

9. Follow up with the healthcare providers at all locations to ensure the accuracy of the reports 10. Submit health records for the authorized medical teams in the corporate office for final approval 11. Follow patient confidentiality guidelines and legal documentation requirements

12. Enter medical reports into electronic health records systems/HIS as applicable

13. Perform quality improvement audits

14. Proofread document for errors and grammar.

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